About the one-page essay – guidelines

January 8, 2007

Please note the following:

1-These essays are mandatory.

2- Each count for 1%, no penalty if you miss one.

3-You must write a short essay where you discuss, or criticize, some aspects of the readings. Choose something that piques your attention, something you want to argue for/against, something wrong, etc. The important thing is that the essay shows that you read and understood the readings and that you have ideas about its content.

4- One of the goal of the essays is to make you think and write. At the end of the semester, you will have 10 pages already written that can be used elsewhere.

5- Normally, if you hand out the essay on time and you show that read the paper, you get 1%.

6- Essays must be written in 11pt fonts, 1.5 space. Use a Serif typeface (Bodoni, Century Schoolbook and Computer Modern, Rockwell, Times New Roman, Garamond, Bembo, Goudy Old Style, or Palatino), and regular margins (2.54 cm), max. 500 words.

7- Include you name and student ID

8- If there is more than one text to read, your essay can be about one text or all of them.


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